The "Original" Monteverde Coffee   

est. 1989

A Special Project Coffee Grown in Harmony with Nature

High in the mountains of Costa Rica, some of the world¡¯s best coffee is grown, in harmony with nature. Coopesanta Elena, in the Monteverde region, is made up of 75 small coffee producers who are committed to growing their crops in environmentally friendly ways.

Enriched by the fertile ecosystem, nourished by the clean mountain rains, shaded by the clouds of the Monteverde Cloud Forest, the legendary Cafe' Monteverde grows amidst the wonders of the area.

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Cafe' Monteverde

Painting the Coope Mural

Ripe coffee cherries

Coffee Picking

Drying coffee

Cafe' Monteverde is a "special project" coffee grown in harmony with the Cloud Forest.  Established in 1989 as the first sustainable coffee project in Costa Rica, Cafe' Monteverde is the "original" 100 % pure coffee from the Monteverde region. 

Nestled in the cloud forest at an elevation of 3,000 - 4,000 feet, the ideal growing conditions create a great coffee that is locally grown, processed, roasted and retailed all within the Monteverde zone.  The Cooperative Santa Elena maintains high standards for the quality of the coffee by choosing only the very best beans to become Cafe' Monteverde.  These high standards have helped make Cafe' Monteverde the legend it has become.



Wishing you were back in Monteverde?  Remember the drive up the rocky road that lead into the clouds?  Remember your first cup of delicious Cafe' Monteverde?  You can enjoy it again! 


To purchase Cafe' Monteverde in the United States or Canada by phone, please call   Montana Coffee Traders at 800-345-JAVA(5282) or Texas Coffee Traders at 800-476-2279. 





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